Sneaky malware now steals Android photos, texts without you knowing by tricking to click and install.

XLoader lurks by texting links that download malware apps impersonating legit software like Chrome. 

Once installed runs quietly in background extracting personal data to sell, blackmail victims with. 

Advanced techniques socially engineer users to bypass defenses and manipulate permissions. 

Sticks to official Google Play store for apps, don't install from elsewhere Android security musts. 

Vet app permissions, negative reviews, stick to few apps to limit malware openings.

 Always allow Android system updates stat keeps malware code defenses current. 

Use comprehensive antivirus software covering overall mobile threats best protection. 

Millions of U.S. Androids invaded, Europeans, Asians too showing global impact. 

Stay vigilant vs smishing, app tricks, keep device security list priority.