Google Pay app shutting down in US on June 4, 2024, migrating capabilities to Google Wallet platform.

Peer-to-peer payments, balance management, finding deals & offers will discontinue in US via Google Pay app after deadline.

Google advises current Google Pay users in US to switch to Google Wallet for payments, storing tickets/passes.

Google Pay will remain fully operational in India, Singapore and continue serving needs in those markets.

Google Wallet supports tap-to-pay at stores, transit cards, vaccine cards, driver’s license storage in US.

US Google Pay balances can still be transferred to bank accounts via Pay website even after June 4, 2024.

Move aims to consolidate payments into Google Wallet, already sees 5X more US users than Pay.

Discontinuing Google Pay app limited to the US market now, needed to simplify experience.

Google Wallet becoming one-stop platform for payments, both in-stores and peer-to-peer.

Retiring standalone Pay app allows Google payments innovation to focus on Wallet.